Who Am I?

“My experience is that anyone who reaches the forefront of his art understands something almost ineffable; that while practice makes perfect, intuition and improvisation make genius”

— Hugh Milne, The Heart of Listening

Stephen Dorman, GRSS
Zen Shiatsu Practitioner

I have been a practicing bodyworker since 2001, initially qualifying in Massage and Reflexology before completing a Shiatsu diploma with the British School of Shiatsu and the Genki School of Shiatsu in 2003. Since then I have kept up a private practice in several locations (currently I work in North and Central London) as well as providing On-Site Shiatsu to corporate clients. I am a fully insured and Registered Graduate Practitioner with the Shiatsu Society as well as a Member of Shiatsu Health Point.

Since 2001 I have taken the opportunity to provide Shiatsu to both the NHS and charity organisations. This includes working at a secure detoxification unit for recovering addicts at Ealing Hospital, providing physical therapy in a care environment for people suffering stroke, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, or Multiple Sclerosis. I also worked for Crisis over Christmas, a London-based homelessness charity, as a therapist and as their Complementary Therapy Coordinator, managing the provision of a variety of therapies during one of the busiest and most challenging charity events of the year.

I am committed to continuous professional development and have added something new to my skillset every year. The following are a selection of topics in which I have taken an interest. In many cases the techniques involved required extensive research and adaptation on my part to integrate them with Shiatsu.

  • Neuro-muscular facilitation

  • Ortho-Bionomy

  • Positional Release Techniques

  • Emotional Freedom Technique

  • Palpatory Literacy and Skills

  • Cranio-Sacral Therapy in Shiatsu

I also continue my personal and spiritual development through Taoism, Sufism and Zen. For several years I was a student with the Diamond Logos Academy, a contemporary approach to spirituality that blends Sufism and Buddhism with body-centred psychotherapy. This included study of a variety of Soul Essences and Structures which I have connected to Organ and Meridian Ki in order to further deepen the healing available through shiatsu. I continue to work on bringing the understanding developed there and elsewhere into my clinical practice.


2 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Hi Stephen,
    I received your flyer at one of Anna’s yoga sessions. I
    I’m enquiring about possibly booking an introductory session. I’m also wondering where you’re based.

    1. Hi Luisa,

      I’m based in Friern Barnet, near New Southgate station. Parkhurst Road, N11 3EL. If you click on one of the booking links it will take you to Facebook and give you an idea of my availability. Or text on 07421 358 212.

      Many thanks,


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