Benefits and Booking

Healing occurs in silence. Healing occurs not when you are
doing something, and healing generally occurs in a mysterious
Healing comes in an unlikely manner. It sometimes seems
like a benediction or grace descending. It is almost nothing
that you are doing but everything that you are doing.

— Maura Sills

seated shiatsu

Shiatsu sessions bring about deep relaxation and can be experienced as profoundly calming and peaceful. This alone will stimulate your own self-healing abilities.

On the physical level Shiatsu may help with:

  • easing physical pains in the back, neck, head, shoulders or joints;
  • increasing suppleness in stiff muscles or joints
  • improving breathing whether there are difficulties or not
  • calming digestive disorders, resolving constipation
  • menstrual problems
  • conditions arising during pregnancy or post-natally

On the mental level Shiatsu may help with:

  • decreasing the levels of stress
  • uncluttering the mind
  • increasing the clarity of the mind
  • increasing awareness of mental states

On the emotional level Shiatsu may help with:

  • decreasing the levels of anxiety
  • decreasing frequency of panic attacks
  • processing grief
  • finding more positivity when depressed
  • generally calming any emotions that arise

How often do I need to come for Shiatsu?

Initially, regular sessions can help you assimilate and understand the Shiatsu sessions. Regular sessions could be every 2 or 3 weeks, in acute conditions every week.

Later on the sessions can be spaced out to be every 4-6 weeks and then used as maintenance and check-up sessions.

The regularity also depends on what you as a client want. Do you want regular support? A series of sessions to address a specific issue? A one off session to carry you through a difficult situation?  You may not know, which is fine, you may find out as the sessions evolve.

Treatment Costs

Treatments are conducted at the McNeil Therapy Rooms in Muswell Hill. To book a treatment either call Stephen on 07421 358 212,  Book Here via Facebook, or use the contact form below to connect via email.

Treatments normally last one hour or 90 minutes after the first session depending on your needs. Your first session will last an hour and a quarter to allow us to discuss and identify your specific needs.

Because Shiatsu is best experienced over the course of several treatments to allow the full benefits to manifest and be experienced I offer a discount for booking treatments as a course of six or more but I recommend trying a full session first and then discussing how best to proceed from there.

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